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October 29, 2018 BLOG POST
Gina Raimondo DCYF Death Infographic and Explanatory Notes

Nicholas Alahverdian, Gina Raimondo, DCYF
Nicholas Alahverdian Slams Gina Raimondo for DCYF Deaths

October 23, 2018 BLOG POST:

Why Nicholas Alahverdian Supports
Allan Fung for Governor of Rhode Island

En español: Vote por Allan Fung el 6 de noviembre

October 18, 2018 Press Release

New data uncovers 3 year, 1,450% increase in foster child deaths or near-deaths in Rhode Island since Gina Raimondo elected

Comunicado de prensa en español

Press Release em Português

October 5, 2018 BLOG POST:
United States Health and Human Services Report on DCYF:
More abuse against children in DCYF care. Mattiello and Raimondo? Time to go.

NEWS: Federal audit finds fault with R.I. DCYF — October 5, 2018
(Nicholas Alahverdian’s analysis of the nation’s worst child welfare system — the Rhode Island DCYF — is demonstrated to be accurate once again)

Official Statements & Press Releases

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DCYF, Nicholas Alahverdian, Press Release, Banner, October 2018
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Nicholas Alahverdian was a victim of torture and abuse perpetrated by Rhode Island state officials.  He defied all odds and eventually made it to Harvard University. After extensive news coverage about Nicholas Alahverdian and the torture he suffered, the Rhode Island Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF) is finally making the necessary changes to improve the quality of care offered to children and adolescents.

Mike Pence, Vice President, Nicholas Alahverdian
Vice President Mike Pence and Nicholas Alahverdian

You can read a memo Nicholas wrote about the torture at one of the facilities obtained via FOIA request here at this link. You can even read about how the person who raped Nicholas Alahverdian in Florida admitted to it and pleaded guilty since it was covered in the local newspaper. You can also read most of the historical news archive about Nicholas Alahverdian here at this link.

Do you doubt the troubles of DCYF? Read Nicholas Alahverdian’s lawsuit and watch this video:

Rhode Island DCYF: Nicholas Alahverdian and his Quest for Reform from Nicholas Alahverdian on Vimeo.

Nicholas Alahverdian has also petitioned governments around the world to recognize and commemorate the Armenian Genocide. He even successfully acquired a Proclamation from the Office of the Mayor of a city that has a history of Armenian Genocide denial.

As a young man, Nicholas made it his mission to ensure that he had a safe place to live. After all, Alahverdian was working as a legislative aide for the Rhode Island House of Representatives. He was merely 14 years old at the time.

RI, Rhode Island, torture
Nicholas Alahverdian as a young man

Unfortunately, nefarious individuals such as Governor Donald Carcieri (who personally knew Nicholas Alahverdian), DCYF director Jay Lindgren, Judge Jeremiah S. Jeremiah, and others viewed Nicholas Alahverdian as a publicity threat. This was because of Alahverdian’s political activism and media coverage. Nicholas was not permitted to attend school or do anything that would have been indicative of being a healthy adolescent.

Nicholas began to expose the corrupt practices of the Rhode Island judiciary. One case that stands out is that of David Tassoni. He was a crony of Judge Jeremiah’s who represented himself as a lawyer and acted as Jeremiah’s chief of staff.

It later turned out that Tassoni never even had a law degree or an undergraduate degree for that matter. What is especially concerning is that Tassoni acted as an officer of the court, made administrative decisions, and even mediated divorce and child custody cases.

When Nicholas Alahverdian discovered David Tassoni’s fraud and threatened to take it to the press, Judge Jeremiah, Governor Carcieri, Director Lindgren, and others decided it was time to do something to prevent Nicholas Alahverdian from discovering the widespread corruption in the Carcieri administration and Rhode Island judiciary that would make Richard Nixon blush.

Dan McKee, Nicholas Alahverdian, Rhode Island
Lt Gov Dan McKee and Nicholas Alahverdian

The political activism of Nicholas Alahverdian

Nicholas Alahverdian was extensively profiled in The Providence Journal and on 630 WPRO, WPRI 12, ABC 6, and NBC 10. He began to speak out about the abuse and neglect that he suffered when he was placed in night-to-night placements. As a result, state officials tried get him fired from his job as a legislative aide.

The corrupt officials acting at the order of Judge Jeremiah located two facilities hundreds of miles from Rhode Island. Both of these facilities had grand jury indictments issued against them for severe torture inflicted upon their clients and patients.

Ray Hull, Nicholas Alahverdian
Nicholas Alahverdian and Providence Police Sergeant and Representative Ray Hull

They also had long track records of abuse and negligence as will be proven by state records and newspaper articles. We will publish them on this website.

Realizing that he was a victim of abuse in the infamous night-to-night program, he reported it to his colleagues in the Rhode Island House of Representatives and the Senate.

When the elected officials began to ask questions, the state officials took action and sent him hundreds of miles away from home to abusive facilities in Nebraska and Florida where he was allowed to contact no one. Not the courts, lawyers, elected officials, his family — anyone.

Nicholas Alahverdian, torture
Torture victim Nicholas Alahverdian

Aftermath of the torture in Nebraska and Florida

The facilities Nicholas Alahverdian was sent to in Nebraska and Florida were atrocious. During the two years he was gone, and in the years thereafter, everything Nicholas Alahverdian said about the Rhode Island DCYF was proven to be true. The child deaths. The night-to-night program. The lack or denial of education. And the torture in the out-of-state facilities.

Judge Jeremiah ended up being the subject of an extensive FBI and Department of Justice investigation and was eventually forced off the bench by the Rhode Island Supreme Court.

This website

This website will contain all documents publicly available about the Nicholas Alahverdian torture case and its aftermath. The issues brought to light surround torture in RI DCYF state care by Nicholas will not go unforgotten, and significant changes are being made. It is all thanks to Alahverdian’s political activism and extensive media coverage that these changes are finally coming to the surface.

Nicholas Alahverdian, Bob DaSilva, Roberto DaSilva
Former Rep. and Pawtucket Police Captain Bob DaSilva and Nicholas Alahverdian

Rhode Island owes it to its foster children and orphans to be provided with a safe, secure home where they are treated with dignity and respect. An education, healthcare, and a safe home are not privileges — they are rights. That is what Nicholas Alahverdian stood for and he was tortured and cut off from the world for his political activism. No child will ever have to suffer what he did thanks to his bravery and courage.

Nicholas Alahverdian, Seamus Heaney, Nobel Prize, Harvard
Seamus Heaney and Nicholas Alahverdian


Providence Journal Op-ed: Nicholas Alahverdian | RI DCYF workers need help to protect children

LATEST LEAK: Nicholas Alahverdian Memo

— PROOF that Rhode Island State Officials knew that former House of Representatives employee Nicholas Alahverdian, a publicity threat since being interviewed by The Providence Journal, NBC, ABC, and CBS News, was being sent as a youth to a facility where he would be tortured by convicted felons and kept away from the outside world here, here, here, and here.

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