Nicholas Alahverdian, Castle Hill Lighthouse, December 2019


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January 10, 2020 — DCYF Reform Advocate Nicholas Alahverdian Diagnosed with Lymphoma — (PDF Version)

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January 9, 2020 — Official Statement from The Office of Nicholas Alahverdian

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Nicholas Alahverdian, The Orphan Chronicles
Click here to learn more about Nicholas Alahverdian’s new literary project — “The Orphan Chronicles”

Read the first chapter of Dreading and Hoping All now on or purchase the book on Amazon, Google Books, or the Apple Bookstore. You can also read this newly released excerpt.

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The Orphan Chronicles began as a set of personal memoirs that emerged out of a single autobiography.  When Nicholas Alahverdian realized that it was not a sustainable narrative to go from documenting his travails as an orphan to celebrating his academic successes as a Harvard student in a linear method, his colleagues and assistants began to encourage him to tear down the walls of archetypal autobiographical writing. Thus, there will be several volumes, the first of which, Dreading and Hoping All, is now in print.

For a full listing of Nicholas Alahverdian’s books, see his Amazon page.

Nicholas Alahverdian
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