Nicholas Alahverdian, Gina Raimondo, DCYF

Gina Raimondo DCYF Death Infographic

Nicholas Alahverdian, Gina Raimondo, DCYF
Nicholas Alahverdian Slams Gina Raimondo for DCYF Deaths

The Election

In accordance with the election on November 6, 2018 between Allan Fung and Gina Raimondo, Nicholas Alahverdian is releasing an infographic detailing the number of Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF) foster child deaths under each of the past four Rhode Island governors. Those governors include Lincoln Almond (Republican), Donald Carcieri (Republican), Lincoln Chafee (Independent-turned-Democrat), and current Governor Gina M. Raimondo.

Donald Carcieri, Nicholas Alahverdian
Former Governor Don Carcieri

The Killing

The infographic is quite straightforward. Under Almond, there were no deaths of foster children or kids in state care. Under Carcieri, there was one death of a foster child. That child was Thomas “T.J.” Wright — and Nicholas Alahverdian had the same social worker, Pat Chabot, as little T.J. Wright. Interestingly, and sadly, while T.J. was getting killed in Woonsocket in October 2004, Alahverdian was getting raped at Manatee Palms Youth Services in Bradenton, Florida in the same month. Pat Chabot was a great social worker, but she was overburdened with copious cases and few resources, just like her colleagues in the Rhode Island Department of Children Youth and Families.

We turn to Lincoln Chafee, the former horseshoe cleaner turned U.S. Senator turned governor, and see that while he may not have signed any revolutionary DCYF reform legislation, there were indeed zero deaths under his brief four year administration.

Nicholas Alahverdian, DCYF, Rhode Island
The Rhode Island Department of Children, Youth, and Families

Then, we get to current Governor, Gina Marie Raimondo. This woman, this vile, blasé, careless, greedy demagogue, has the blood of DCYF kids on her hands. 31 kids have died or nearly died since she took office, and she has done nothing to turn around the situation at 101 Friendship Street where the DCYF headquarters are located.

The Friend

Jamia McDonald, a lifetime bureaucrat, turned her evil gaze towards Nicholas Alahverdian
Jamia McDonald, the statutorily unqualified director that Gina Raimondo appointed to run DCYF for two years while abuse and death rates skyrocketed due to her ineptitude and incompetence

In fact, Raimondo hired her friend and political donor Jamia McDonald to a job that she was statutorily unqualified to perform. Under the Rhode Island General Laws, the position of director of the Department of Children, Youth, and Families is codified to mandate that the holder, nominated by the governor and confirmed by the Rhode Island Senate, have a Masters in Social Work. Jamia McDonald did not have that prerequisite, and Gina Raimondo let Jamia run wild at the DCYF for over two years. Throughout that time, kids died, abuse rates skyrocketed, school attendance plummeted, and the Department, as usual, was in shambles.

The Nicholas Alahverdian Story

Nicholas Alahverdian, as he has over the past decade and a half, attempted to work with Jamia McDonald to alleviate some of the issues that were extant at the Rhode Island DCYF. Unfortunately, McDonald rebuffed Alahverdian’s requests for meetings, the first DCYF director to refuse to meet with the foremost authority on DCYF from both a research and practical perspective. Not only did Nicholas Alahverdian collaborate with Harvard University and Kennedy School of Government professors to study how to improve and enhance DCYF, but he also grew up in the care and custody of that agency.

Lincoln Chafee, Nicholas Alahverdian
Governor Lincoln Chafee did absolutely nothing to reform DCYF, but Nicholas Alahverdian noted that zero deaths occurred in the four years while he was governor.

It is well known that Nicholas Alahverdian was a legislative page and then a legislative aide for the Rhode Island House of Representatives. At the same exact time, Nicholas was unable to live at home due to his alcoholic and abusive mother. When Alahverdian was taken into DCYF care, he was initially placed in the infamous night-to-night program, where he was able to share with his colleagues in the Rhode Island General Assembly exactly what happened in these taxpayer-funded hellholes.

Judge Jeremiah, Family Court, Rhode Island, Nicholas Alahverdian
Rhode Island kids are safer because this man’s body is six feet underground

When Nicholas Alahverdian’s political advocacy turned into lobbying, he resigned his position as a state employee and became a full time lobbyist to advocate for safe, permanent placements for kids in DCYF care. Nicholas began to acquire the attention of local and national media, earning coverage in The Providence Journal, the local NBC, CBS, and ABC affiliates, The Boston Globe, 630 WPRO, and other outlets. In fact, Nicholas went to New York City on his own in December 2002 to meet with producers from The O’Reilly Factor at Fox News and NBC’s Today Show where he was booked to appear in the following months.

There were people who did not appreciate Nicholas Alahverdian’s activism. People like Mike Burk (executive assistant to the director of DCYF and chair of the Tiverton, Rhode Island Democratic Party who once unsuccessfully tried to get Alahverdian fired from his job at the Rhode Island State House), Family Court Chief Judge Jeremiah S. Jeremiah, DCYF Director Jay G. Lindgren, and Governor Donald Carcieri.

Mike Burk, Michael S. Burk, Nicholas Alahverdian, Tiverton, DCYF, Democratic Party
DCYF Martinet Mike Burk

Alahverdian infuriated these bureaucrats and elected officials because he gave them a bad name. The Providence Journal painted a particularly chaotic picture of Alahverdian’s life, where he was shuffled from shelter to shelter, night after night. Nicholas wasn’t permitted to attend high school, he wasn’t allowed to be a normal kid, and most of all, he had no permanent place to live. It was like something out of a Charles Dickens novel.

Because Alahverdian was such a threat to the jobs of the aforementioned elected officials, judge, and bureaucrats, they had to do something to shut him up. It was well known that if you sent a problem child out of state — a problem child being one whom went to his or her state legislators or the Rhode Island Office of the Child Advocate to complain about the tortuous condition in which DCYF orphans are subjected — all you had to do was get a doctor to claim that the child had some kind of disease or disorder that couldn’t be treated in Rhode Island and bingo! You now had a one-way ticket for that problem child to be sent to any facility in the United States willing to accept him or her, and Rhode Island seemed to be willing to pay any price to get rid of this select group of activist kids.

Nicholas Alahverdian, torture, political activism,
Click the image above to learn more about the torture that Nicholas Alahverdian endured as a result of political activism

The Exile

In Nicholas Alahverdian’s case, he was first sent to Boys Town in Omaha, Nebraska (which opened the floodgates for Boys Town to open a campus in Rhode Island as Alahverdian was the unwilling ambassador) and then to Manatee Palms Youth Services (part of the now-dismantled, perpetually troubled Psychiatric Solutions, Inc). The State of Rhode Island spent hundreds of thousands of tax dollars to turn Nicholas Alahverdian into a vegetable — and it worked. (Click here to read more about the torture of Nicholas Alahverdian due to his political activism.) Both facilities were closed by their own state regulatory agencies both before and after Alahverdian’s time at the treatment centers due to torture, widespread physical abuse, rape, negligence, and gross mistreatment.

When Nicholas was finally released from these abusive facilities where he was raped, tortured, beaten, and nearly killed, he was a vegetable. Alahverdian was hospitalized for months, having to be weaned off of over a dozen unnecessary drugs. Alahverdian’s longtime personal physician, Dr. Jeffrey Hunt, remembers being taking aback, stating “this regimen wasn’t meant to treat — it was meant to sedate, tranquillize, and intellectually assassinate.”

Dr Jeffrey Hunt, Bradley Hospital, Nicholas Alahverdian
Nicholas Alahverdian and Dr Jeffrey Hunt have known each other for over 20 years. When Alahverdian returned from his exile in Florida where he was tortured, he was 18 years old and a vegetable. Dr Hunt helped to bring Alahverdian back to life.

When Alahverdian finally realized the full travesty of what the hell had happened to him, he filed a lawsuit, sued his abusers, and continued to study at Harvard University while this legal havoc was ensuing. Alahverdian also began a crusade to reform DCYF — again. However, Speakers Gordon Fox and Nick Mattiello as well as Governors Lincoln Chafee and Gina Raimondo refused to work with Nicholas Alahverdian or his team, even though more than 50% of the Rhode Island House of Representatives supported the Alahverdian legislation to reform DCYF introduced by venerable legislators such as Bob DaSilva, Ray Hull, Josh Miller, Art Handy, Michael Marcello, Scott Guthrie, Anastasia Williams, and others.

But for some reason, this strategy failed to work in the years following Alahverdian’s departure from the Rhode Island Department of Children, Youth, and Families. When DCYF switched to a home-based system of care, things because much worse. The foster parents were inept and unqualified. Kids were killed. Babies were murdered. Jamia took the Titanic hitting an iceberg but she also set fire to the lifeboats.

Gina Raimondo and Jamia McDonald have blood on their hands, and when they meet their Maker, they will most certainly have to explain why they neglected their sacred statutory responsibility to protect DCYF kids.

The Exponential Increase in Rhode Island DCYF Deaths

In any event, Gina Raimondo is responsible for 32 deaths or near-deaths of kids in DCYF care in Rhode Island over the past 2 years. That is a 1,450% increase. Gina is responsible for more deaths in DCYF care than any governor combined — and it’s unacceptable.

Thankfully, the election is on Tuesday. On November 6, 2018, Rhode Islanders have a choice to make. Do they want their next generation of kids to rely on a system when their parents are unable to take care of them to be in dysfunction and disarray with a rather high chance of getting murdered? Or do they want to put their faith in a man like Allan Fung who actually knows what he’s doing?

We’ll see what the results are, and I think you know that Allan Fung is the more sensible choice. Not just because of DCYF, I mean, there is an entire litany of errors that could form the basis for Gina Raimondo to be voted out. UHIP, the DMV, unqualified lawyers working for the state, the Pawtucket Red Sox, and rampant corruption to name a few.

The Candidate to Fix DCYF

Allan Fung, Nicholas Alahverdian, DCYF
Allan Fung – the next Governor of Rhode Island

But it just goes to show that this one issue — murdered children — should be enough to sway the election. It probably won’t, because Providence and Rhode Island are in a perpetual political twilight zone, but what’s to say this is the year the curse of Rogue’s Island finally ends?

Nicholas Alahverdian certainly gave his life and his toil, sweat, and tears in fighting DCYF. It’s only fair that we give a governor some real power to dismantle the machine that has destroyed so many lives. Alahverdian can’t do it. Fung can.

And if Rhode Islanders want their kids kept safe, they’ll vote for Allan Fung.

It’s that simple.


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