Statement and Apology to Wikipediocracy from Louise Alahverdian

March 5 2021
In a January 2021 article about my late husband Nicholas Alahverdian published by the Providence Journal without my participation or contribution it was alleged that: “Alahverdian’s widow charges that Wikipediocracy members themselves made changes to her husband’s page, seeding the allegation “that they suspect he is not dead.” She says they threatened to further smear her husband’s reputation with more bogus edits to the Wikipedia page unless the Alahverdian family paid extortion money in Bitcoin currency. “First they claim my husband did all of these edits on Wikipedia himself,” she wrote, “then we receive extortion demands to stop the untrue edits and claims on Wikipedia.” (Wikipediocracy blog team member Michael Cockram) says those allegations are “frankly, crazy and obviously untrue.”
First I would like to say that I never received any contact from the Providence Journal giving me the opportunity to comment on their story. I was impersonated and no one from the newspaper contacted anyone at the Trust. Allow me to be clear: The Wikipediocracy group or its team never at any time smeared or “threatened to further smear” my husband’s reputation. Never at any time was I contacted by Wikipediocracy. Most importantly I never received any “extortion demands” of any kind for Bitcoin (or any other thing of value) at any time.

I have not made any edits to Wikipedia and have no information about the editing of the article about my husband except that he did not edit it as he is deceased and did not make edits prior to his death. We contacted Wikipedia and demanded the removal of a fake photo and people using his name on a “User Page” claiming to be my husband.
Second my first contact with Wikipediocracy was with Mike Cockram who sent me an email about one month ago. I have found Mike to be polite and kind. No threats or demands have made by him at any time. I have had no contact with anyone else from the blog website. I would like to make an apology wholeheartedly for what the imposter said about Wikipediocracy and the resulting stress it caused in my name. I am troubled that people are intentionally trying to complicate or prevent my cooperation with requests for interviews or communication especially when my participation would have been crucial. But more importantly and twice as troubling I am shocked to learn of the untrue statements claiming criminal acts against an innocent group that were published and attributed to me. These are not true and I never made any remarks for any Providence Journal article and that includes the one published in January 2021.
However when I informed the Gannett-owned newspaper and its lawyer in an email that these comments were not from me they refused to edit the article to reflect my request to correct these errors. I also marked the email as “off the record” but that did not stop them from publishing excerpts from that email. Still they did not remove the vile comments about Wikipediocracy when informed 4 or 5 times I did not make them.

Third the newspaper reporter also claimed that I “did not respond to a Journal email requesting comment on the loan or the fraud allegations.” I never received any communication from this reporter by email or any other type. The correct email address is publicly listed on the Internet or I could have been messaged or tweeted on Twitter. They made no effort to let me defend my husband with records, files, audio recordings, or anything else that would prove his innocence. This is the first time that someone has posed as me during a news article where my husband needed to be defended. No caring widow who had a husband like Nick would allow his name to be dragged through the mud. I told the Providence Journal and their lawyer in an email that the comments attributed to me were untrue and I went on to provide information about their lengthy and untrue statements.

Finally about the entire Providence Journal article: the Mormon cult leaders Charles and Sharon Lane were never Nick’s foster parents as he met them age 19 and forced him to move from Rhode Island to Ohio, Wikipediocracy never threatened me at any time, and the police never contacted us at any time. Sharon Lane is a mentally troubled woman who suffers from deafness. Nick was never, ever her foster son and he never opened any “credit cards or loans” in her husband’s name. The entirety of the Providence Journal article is false and if given the opportunity I would be pleased to prove everything I have said in this apology.

My heart is saddened by the sustained refusal of the Gannett/USA TODAY lawyer or Providence Journal editorial team to make these edits. I offer my deepest apologies to the entire Wikipediocracy team and pledge to continue requesting the editing of the article until the corrections are made. Until then it should be made clear from this apology to the team that there were never any threats, extortion, or any inappropriate or unlawful acts made by Wikipediocracy or any of its users to me or my family or to The NA Trust. I am truly sorry that someone used my identity to represent me in an email conversation and lodge false claims against Wikipediocracy. The only interaction I have had with them has been with Mike who has been kind and professional and occurred after the publication of the January 2021 article.