Essay: Semiotics in Autumn Rhythm

By Nicholas Alahverdian
The Beauty of the End, the Hope of the Beginning 
The art of Jackson Pollock was critical to the growth and development of the Beat Generation.  His approach to abstract impressionism influenced his fellow painters, as well as writers and poets.  The visual complexity of his artwork served as a conduit through which he was able to relate the chaos of his generation to viewers of his paintings. His action paintings, including “Autumn Rhythm,” exhibited his command of the abstract expressionist form. My essay will focus on the creative process and the implications of this unique piece of art.
Obviously, Pollock’s work was that of a genius.  His painting style was not merely improvisational – it also incorporated characteristics reminiscent of those artists and authors who engaged in the practice of writing and/or painting in the style of stream-of-consciousness. Drip after drip, smear after smear, mixing the two – these techniques cumulatively defined the greatness of his work.  Loyal to his art and chronically dissatisfied with his performance, he lengthened his artistic stride to further his aesthetic interpretation of the world we live in. Continue reading Essay: Semiotics in Autumn Rhythm

The secrets of Andy Warhol's time capsules

Thirty years ago, Pop-Art’s bad boy, Andy Warhol, consigned 300,000 of his everyday possessions to sealed cardboard boxes. Now, as the final boxes are opened for the first time, what do they tell us about the man who turned Campbell’s soup tins into art?

It’s a stuffy summer evening on Pittsburgh’s unfashionable North Shore. Cars jam the freeway, thanks to endless repairs to the crumbling flyovers. This famous old US industrial city is showing its age.
But in the shadow of the highway spaghetti lies another world – the ultra-cool converted warehouse that houses The Warhol. Seven floors devoted to Pittsburgh’s most illustrious artist-son, Andy Warhol, master of gaudily-coloured multiple Marilyn Monroes, Elvis Presleys and cans of soup.
Here, at The Warhol, splendour reigns – museum-perfection. Air-conditioned to a nicety, slate-grey floors, gleaming gift-shop, walls papered with multiple images of pink Warholian cows.
And in the luxuriously appointed studio theatre, a buzz of expectation.
The place is full to bursting with fans, acolytes and casual drop-ins. Everyone has paid their $10 (£6) for the privilege of seeing inside the humdrum cardboard box that sits, very alone, on a table on stage.
Because this, as a hand-scrawled label announces, is TC 528. It’s the last-but-one of 610 mystery parcels or Time Capsules that Andy Warhol sealed up over the course of the last 13 years of his life. They contain hundreds of thousands of objects, artefacts as the curators know them – a Work of Art, according to Warhol.
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Garrison Keillor to Undergo Surgery

Garrison Keillor, the host and creator of “A Prairie Home Companion” will undergo a medical procedure forcing him to cancel his Sept. 27 edition of the show.

garrison keillor nicholas alahverdian
Garrison Keillor, host of “A Prairie Home Companion”

In a release Thursday announcing the cancellation of the Fitzgerald Theater show, 72-year-old Keillor said, “If you’ve noticed my upstairs bathroom light go on at 10 p.m., 10:10, 10:25, 10:40, etc., you know all you need to know. It’s no way to live, so I’ve found an excellent surgeon who will fix everything, and by October, I will be thinking more about truth and beauty and less about plumbing,” the Pioneer Press reports.
Those with tickets to the Sept. 27 show should contact the Fitzgerald Theater box office by email ( for refunds.
garrison keillor nicholas alahverdian
Nicholas Alahverdian and Keillor, 2014

Keillor celebrated the 40th anniversary of the show this summer. The new season of “A Prairie Home Companion” kicks off Saturday Sept. 20 with a street dance and a live broadcast from the Fitzgerald Theater. The free event will go on as planned.
The shows at the Fitzgerald run through Oct. 18. In November, “A Prairie Home Companion” will go on the road for broadcasts in Minneapolis, Duluth and Rochester. All other shows will go on as scheduled, MPR News says.