Remembering Nicholas Alahverdian through Prayer

From the Chaplain of the NAC

As we continue to remember our brother Nicholas Alahverdian (Click here to read his obituary), let us come together in one heart and one mind. Let us pray for his soul. Let us pray for his cause of improving the Rhode Island Department for Children Youth & Families and creating a DCYF Oversight Commission, a bill currently pending before the Rhode Island General Assembly. Let us pray for children and families around the world.

This prayer is an intercessory prayer asking that Saint Nicholas pray for Nicholas Alahverdian, his family, and children and families in the care of the RI DCYF. 

Whether you are Catholic, Jewish, Protestant, or unaffiliated, you can join with us in this moment of sacred prayer with this prayer or in your own way. When you are finished, please leave a note of condolence for the Alahverdian family on the loss of Nicholas by clicking here:

Nicholas Alahverdian
St. Nicholas

A prayer in remembrance of Nicholas Alahverdian

Our Father in Heaven, we come before You to pray a prayer of intercession through St. Nicholas, patron saint of children, broadcasters, sailors, fishermen, and the Nicholas Alahverdian Center. Continue reading Remembering Nicholas Alahverdian through Prayer

Why I support Allan Fung for Governor

By Nicholas Alahverdian
Originally published on October 23, 2018

This year, Rhode Island is embroiled in an important race for governor. They really have only two choices: Republican Allan Fung and Democrat Gina Raimondo. Joe Trillo could very well be a Raimondo plant. He seems to have a personal vendetta against Allan Fung that transcends this election. Continue reading Why I support Allan Fung for Governor