The Nicholas Alahverdian Trust


About The NA Trust: We provide academic, legal, social, and economic guidance to alumni of social services systems through a network of professionals and volunteers at no cost. We also advocate for policy changes and systemic improvements to the way children and adolescents are treated when in the care of social service providers.

As one of the beneficiaries of the Estate of Nicholas Alahverdian, The Trust owns and holds the copyright to all intellectual property of Nicholas Alahverdian and his companies and organizations including books, art, literature, photographs, digital media, essays, writings, letters, and other materials.

We are also the legal successor to The Nicholas Alahverdian Trust established by U.S. District Court Judge John J. McConnell following the settlement of the 2011 case Alahverdian v. Rhode Island Department of Children Youth and Families to protect the assets, property, and accountability systems acquired and implemented during the legal and settlement process, most of which remains confidential. Although we share a name we have different purposes and the settlement trust has now been consolidated into the current NA Trust.

Our primary public-facing functions include working with a coalition of other organizations to pass the late Mr. Alahverdian’s longstanding efforts to reform the Rhode Island DCYF, working with Rhode Island leaders in the legislature, judiciary, and executive office to enhance the Rhode Island Children’s Bill of Rights, stop the practice of placing children in DCYF custody in facilities outside of Rhode Island, and establish a Joint Commission on Oversight of the DCYF.

Our latest efforts include working with other organizations to advocate for the United States of America to ratify the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. The United States is the only member state of the United Nations that is not a party to the Convention.

Note to those seeking personal advice on dealing with the RI DCYF

Please take notice – we have been receiving numerous requests from individuals and families to assist or intervene with current cases involving the Rhode Island Department of Children, Youth & Families (DCYF) and other social service providers and state care systems. We cannot advocate for you with staff in the Department or in any court. Our work is within the legislative branch, not with the executive or judicial branches of governments.

We cannot stress the importance of the one suggestion we can give reached by decades of experiences of the late Mr. Alahverdian and so many other parents and children: do not try to turn your cause into one of activism. Hire a good lawyer or attorney in your jurisdiction) that focuses in family law. The executive and legislative branches are not equipped to help you deal with personal cases.

Hire a skilled family law attorney and allow them to work with the judiciary to come to a swift resolution. While it may be costly it is the quickest way to regain custody of your children or gain access to visitation rights or whatever your personal mission may be. This is all we can say on matters of a personal nature where those who contact us seek advice in dealing with the DCYF. Thank you.