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Nicholas Alahverdian releases excerpt from “Dreading and Hoping All”

Excerpt from Dreading and Hoping All
By Nicholas Alahverdian
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Once I reached Manhattan, I went to each of the major news networks and newspapers to speak with producers, receptionists, and researchers. I was armed with documents and proof of the corruption, abuse and negligence that was ensuing in the Rhode Island Department of Children, Youth and Families.

Nicholas Alahverdian Debate Championship Trophy
Nicholas Alahverdian holding his Urban Debate Championship Trophy in 2002

I scheduled appointments with producers from NBC’s Today show as well as The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News among other networks. Those were the two shows that confirmed my appearance during the first episodes of the New Year. The other appearances were to be solidified within the coming weeks.

I finished my work on Christmas Eve. Everything was sorted out, and I was excited. One of the producers bought me a hotel ticket for my final evening in Manhattan so that I didn’t have to sleep on the subway again.

I made my way back to Rhode Island with train tickets in hand — paid for by a television host himself — for the appearances in January. All I had to do was keep quiet and let Jeremiah (who bore an uncanny resemblance to Jabba the Hut) enjoy his Christmas feast. And then I would strike.

Unfortunately, Jeremiah had been tipped off that I was meeting with the press locally — WJAR (the NBC affiliate), WPRI (the CBS affiliate), and The Providence Journal had all done stories on me again — yet Jeremiah had no idea about the national news that was about to break.

Nicholas Alahverdian surrounded by Representatives and Senators outside the House of Representatives Chamber
Nicholas Alahverdian surrounded by Representatives and Senators outside the House of Representatives Chamber

And he wouldn’t, because he single-handedly killed the stories without even knowing they were going to be aired.

He had the power to keep me from contacting anyone after placing me in a secure facility in Rhode Island until I could be flown to Nebraska. I was literally Court-ordered to not leave the youth shelter and the staff were similarly ordered to not allow me to use the telephone, send letters, or leave the property. I was devastated.

Said another way, he proceeded to deem me a threat to myself because I was “not complying with my treatment” — that was always their go-to excuse when I arranged to have the truth about the abuse and negligence inherent in the DCYF and the Family Court illuminated in the press and the court of public opinion.

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Nicholas Alahverdian is a Harvard-educated scholar and political activist. As an adolescent, Nicholas survived torture and abuse inflicted upon him by the Rhode Island government under the direct orders of a chief judge and a governor following his political activism against them while Alahverdian was an employee of the Rhode Island House of Representatives. Nicholas was sent to two facilities far from New England that had extensive records of torture, abuse, and negligence. He was forced to remain in these abusive facilities until his 18th birthday and was not allowed to contact anyone, go to school, or prepare for adulthood. Alahverdian survived the torture, sued his abusers, settled in court, and studied at Harvard University. The primary scholarly focus of Nicholas Alahverdian is the intersection of philology, rhetoric, and politics. He has been featured in The Providence Journal, NPR, BBC, NBC, CBS, and ABC News as well as The Buddy Cianci Show, The Boston Globe and countless other media entities.