Emergency Policy Resolution

February 17, 2021 — Following a meeting of the Board of Trustees Emergency Committee on February 16, 2021, The Trust voted unanimously to issue the following Emergency Policy Resolution:

The NA Trust
Emergency Policy Resolution

To all Staff, Volunteers, Clients, and Friends of the Trust:

Effective at 4:59PM New York time on the 17th day of Februrary 2021 the Trustees of The Nicholas Alahverdian Trust met in Emergency Committee and did resolve that the Trust suspend all operations serving individual clients and their families in their communities.  The Trust hereby resolves that it will transition to an internet-based support network until the safety of all Trust staff, volunteers, and clients can be unquestionably guaranteed.

We further resolve that all Trust staff, volunteers, and clients must remain safe and this solution will guarantee that safety.  No other Trust operations are impacted and online archive, reference, research, and other services will remain active.

We further resolve that this indefinite suspension which is unfortunate but necessary applies to all of our operations worldwide in the fourteen countries we serve.  We do not anticipate a date when this will change but we do resolve to keep all clients, volunteers, and partners informed on our website.

Our network of talented professionals, staff and volunteers who have worked diligently over the past few years as Nicholas’ health weakened and led to his untimely death deserve more than we can ever give them.  The past year without him has been difficult for us all.  It is therefore further resolved that we offer our sincere gratitude to our staff, professionals, and volunteers and all of our Trust family and friends for giving their time and resources to help our clients with their academic, legal, social, and economic needs.

The Board is confident that we will weather the current storm and emerge stronger than before.  We know that our clients and their families depend on us for advice and support with social service agencies, educational planning, and emergencies involving providers and government agencies at no cost.  We further resolve that the Trust will work to offer the same quality of service with the only exception being internet-based service delivery to keep our staff and volunteers protected.

We do however regret to resolve to revoke all volunteering, advising, assistance, and all other services provided by the Trust to all citizens of the State of Rhode Island.  We further resolve that the Trust will also immediately cease all lobbying of the executive, legislative, and judicial chambers of the Rhode Island Government; resolve to cease all advocacy for legislation; and resolve to halt any contact whatsoever with the Rhode Island Government regarding any ancillary matters until further notice of this Emergency Committee or Board of Trustees.  It is further resolved that all Rhode Island residents in need of services provided by the Trust or non-residents in need of assistance with a Rhode Island Government agency will not be permitted to receive any such services.

It is firmly and finally resolved that the Trust will seek to do as much as possible within the scope of its mission for as many people as possible during this turbulent time within the parameters as above described.

SIGNED and SEALED this 16th day of February 2021 by the Trustee-in-Trust after a vote by a quorum of the Trustees of The Nicholas Alahverdian Trust, unanimous in the affirmative, witnessed by the Deputy Secretary of the Board of Trustees and the Clerk of the Emergency Committee.

For any questions or concerns about this announcement please email the Trust Press Team