Court Documents

These documents prove that Nicholas Alahverdian was placed in facilities where he was tortured, beaten, assaulted, and abused. There were grand jury indictments, state investigation reports, news articles — and all because of Nicholas Alahverdian’s political activism, he was sent to places where Rhode Island state officials knew he would be beaten, assaulted, and tortured. The documents speak for themselves.

Nicholas Alahverdian v. Rhode Island Department of Children, Youth & Families

Nicholas Alahverdian v. Rhode Island State Sheriff’s Department

Press Releases & Media Advisories

Nicholas Alahverdian | Press Release announcing 2011 legislation that would overhaul DCYF and enhance oversight

Nicholas Alahverdian and Bob DaSilva Press Release – March 2011 Press Release from NexusGovernment | East Providence Rep. Bob DaSilva and Nicholas Alahverdian work to introduce legislation to reform RI DCYF and end out-of-state placements

Nicholas Alahverdian Press Release for NexusGovernment Benefit Dinner – March 2011