Ken Quatman

November 27, 1994
Dayton Daily News
Carol Hernandez

A question of character

Police say system forces unwanted hires

“Kenneth M. Quatman said he hung out with drug dealers and, when younger, twice acted as lookout when his girlfriend stole money from purses at parties. [He] disclosed this information during background interviews required of Dayton police applicants. The police review board was alarmed and recommended none of the three be hired, police personnel records show. But the three [other officers, including Quatman] became Dayton police officers anyway.”

“Dayton police rejected Kenneth M. Quatman in September 1991. Ken Quatman told police interviewers he had used marijuana 50 times. He said he has also used cocaine, hallucinogenic mushrooms and opium.”

“Quatman, 25, said he still had friends who used marijuana and three close friends who sold it. Twice when younger, Quatman said, he acted as lookout while his girlfriend stole from purses. Quatman was hired in December 1991. He didn’t know he had initially been rejected until his supervisor told him a week before a reporter contacted him about this story.”

“Assigned to the Second District, Ken Quatman was cleared of allegations he used excessive force in two separate incidents – an August 1992 arrest of a mental patient having a violent insulin reaction and the July 1994 arrest of a man who admitted resisting arrest for a domestic disturbance. He’s also been suspended and received a reprimand for being involved in two preventable accidents.”

Ken Quatman
Kenneth Quatman featured in the Dayton Daily News for his criminal behavior
Ken Quatman, Ohio
Kenneth Quatman
Kenneth Quatman, Ohio, drugs, crime, theft
Kenneth Quatman