Nicholas Alahverdian, Rhode Island, Rotunda


DCYF Legislation

These bills have been introduced and reintroduced year after year. Nicholas Mattiello and Gina Raimondo actively block any attempts to reform DCYF and kids are dying as a result.

2011 — House Bill 5746 — An Act to Eliminate out of State Placements (Representatives Bob DaSilva, David Bennett, Scott Guthrie, Anastasia Williams, John McCauley)

2011 — House Bill 5855 — An Act to Create the Rhode Island House of Representatives Emergency Oversight Commission on the Department of Children, Youth, and Families (Representatives Arthur Handy, Chris Blazejewski, Larry Valencia, Anastasia Williams, and Michael Tarro)

2011 — House Bill 5863 — An Act to Enhance the Children’s Bill of Rights (Representatives Michael Marcello, Roberto DaSilva, and Chris Blazejewski)

Torture Victim, Political Activist, Nicholas Alahverdian
Torture Victim and Political Activist Nicholas Alahverdian