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Video of the Day: Drifter's Escape by Bob Dylan (BEST live version ever)

This performance is absolutely phenomenal. If you know me, you know that Dylan is one of my favorite artists. But this goes beyond that, it is a supernal, beautiful, brawny, shut-up-and-listen type of performance. Dylan puts blood, sweat and tears into everything he does but this performance is just… exalted.
He turned an already amazing song into a lightening strike that electrified all those who watch.
-nicholas alahverdian

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Nicholas Alahverdian

Nicholas Alahverdian is a Harvard-educated scholar and political activist. The primary scholarly focus of Nicholas Alahverdian is the intersection of philology, rhetoric, and politics. Alahverdian attended Harvard University where his advisor was Comparative Literature Department chairman John Hamilton. Nicholas Alahverdian is renowned for his work in reforming the Rhode Island human services system and his studies and analysis are cited in local and national media.

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