Nicholas Alahverdian, Press Conference


Official Statements & Press Releases

March 12, 2020 — House of Representatives honors the late Nicholas Alahverdian with unanimous vote expressing condolences upon his passing

January 9, 2020 — Official Statement from the Office of Nicholas Alahverdian

News: Statement issued October 31, 2018

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DCYF, Nicholas Alahverdian, Press Release, Banner, October 2018
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Providence Journal Op-ed: Nicholas Alahverdian | RI DCYF workers need help to protect children

Torture at Manatee Palms in Florida: Nicholas Alahverdian Memo

— Proof that Rhode Island State Officials knew that former House of Representatives employee Nicholas Alahverdian, a publicity threat since being interviewed by The Providence Journal, NBC, ABC, and CBS News, was being sent as a youth to a facility where he would be tortured by convicted felons and kept away from the outside world here, here, here, and here.

Nicholas Alahverdian Lawsuit disclosing torture perpetrated by Rhode Island State Officials

— Providence Journal article: A hard lesson in what a state can do to a kid — Nicholas Alahverdian

Nicholas Alahverdian tells the story of kid dumping in 2002

— Opinion Leaders agree: Judge Jeremiah’s record should be probed

Nicholas Alahverdian and Pawtucket Police Captain, East Providence Mayoral candidate and former State Rep Roberto “Bob” DaSilva: A winning team for DCYF Reform