WPRO News: Nicholas Alahverdian interviewed on proposed RI DCYF oversight commission

February 19, 2020
Nicholas Alahverdian Institute for Child Welfare Reform 

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Nicholas Alahverdian speaks with Steve Klamkin about the 2020 legislative efforts to reform the Rhode Island DCYF including the creation of the House Oversight Commission on DCYF introduced by Representative Ray Hull and Rep. John Lombardi. Read the bill.


PAUL ZANGARI: Good afternoon, I’m Paul Zangari with the 2 o’clock WPRO News. A measure to investigate any allegations of poor treatment of children in state care is now on Smith Hill. Here’s WPRO’s Steve Klamkin.

STEVE KLAMKIN: Lawmakers consider to create an Emergency Commission with oversight over the Department of Children, Youth and Families — DCYF — in part to honor former House page and DCYF ward Nicholas Alahverdian who is now battling an often deadly form of cancer.

NICHOLAS ALAHVERDIAN: You know, when kids aren’t getting fed in group homes, when kids are getting abused, when kids are getting neglected, when they’re being cared for by people who are not trained and who are not accredited to take care of children, that is incredibly problematic

STEVE KLAMKIN: Alahverdian sued the state over what he said was abuse and mistreatment while in DCYF care, and made it his mission to end night to night and out of state placements of children. He said the legislation can order changes in DCYF practices. Steve Klamkin, WPRO News.


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