Nicholas Alahverdian RI | Boston Globe Coverage

Nicholas Alahverdian RI, Boston GlobeJune 27, 2011

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Nicholas Alahverdian, plaintiff in a lawsuit against the Rhode island Department of Children, Youth and Families on allegations he was abused as a teenager while in state care says he’s getting ready for the first important court hearing in his case.

United States District Court Judge John J. McConnell is holding an in-chambers hearing in Providence on Monday morning in Nicholas Alahverdian’s case.

Nicholas Alahverdian alleges that during a 3-year period beginning in March 2002 he was placed in a series of temporary shelters around the state followed by two out-of-state residential facilities where he was repeatedly assaulted, physically and sexually, by employees and clients.

Nicholas Alahverdian was also denied any communication with the courts, lawyers, or his elected officials to inform them of the torture.

Nicholas Alahverdian was 14 at the time and worked as a page and legislative aide for the state House of Representatives.