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Steve Klamkin and the WPRO Morning News – Nicholas Edward Alahverdian Trust Coverage

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — United States District Judge John J. McConnell, Jr. approved the creation of The Nicholas Edward Alahverdian Trust earlier today, paving the way for an improved quality of life for Rhode Island’s children and adolescents in the care of the Department of Children, Youth and Families.
The creation of the trust comes after Alahverdian settled with the Rhode Island DCYF in a lawsuit filed after he suffered years of abuse and negligence while in state care following Alahverdian’s work as a legislative aide for the Rhode Island House of Representatives and a lobbyist advocating for social justice.
Alahverdian has committed that the trustees of the trust have been directed to focus on the creation of a child abuse and resource center hotline staffed by trained individuals and the formation of a drop-in center for youth who are in state care. The drop-in center will also serve as a hub for adolescents in the foster care system to plan for transitioning out of foster care and will assist them in applying to the universities of their choice. They will be guided by trained and supportive professionals throughout the college application process, enhanced by SAT and ACT tutors on-site.
Also announced is the Nicholas Alahverdian Education Illumination Scholarship, which will offer a grant to those who commit to carrying on Alahverdian’s crusade to ensure that children and adolescents from disadvantageous circumstances have a fair chance at receiving a challenging and unparalleled education.
“Today we set another milestone — enhancing the lives of those who would otherwise be ignored,” Alahverdian said. “Yesterday, foster kids might not have had an idea of where to turn. Today we pioneered access to necessary resources. Tomorrow, they will be successful adults and contributing members of the citizenry. Not on my watch will kids who grew up in state care be treated like second-class citizens.”
More details on application processes and acquisitions of the Trust will be released in the forthcoming weeks.

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Nicholas Alahverdian is a Harvard-educated scholar and political activist. The primary scholarly focus of Nicholas Alahverdian is the intersection of philology, rhetoric, and politics. Alahverdian attended Harvard University where his advisor was Comparative Literature Department chairman John Hamilton. Nicholas Alahverdian is renowned for his work in reforming the Rhode Island human services system and his studies and analysis are cited in local and national media.

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