Security Notices

January 15, 2021 – Any emails claiming to be from The Nicholas Alahverdian Trust or anyone associated with the Trust that are not from the domain are not from us. These emails have been sent since at least November 20, 2020. They must be reported as spam or phishing. If you have received any emails from other domains with suspicious comtent or asking for “donations,” or “contributions” or “payment for services” they should be reported as spam and deleted. We do not accept any donations from the public and we have never charged a cost for any of our services to the clients we serve. If you have received any emails that claim to be from us from “,” “” or “” or other services please delete, report, and disregard these emails. Please be certain that any emails claiming to be from the Trust come from the domain. If you are in doubt about the sender always check the “header” of the email to verify authenticity or contact us at with the email address and subject heading. We can then inform you if the email is truly from us. It is believed the same person/people responsible for damage to our website are behind this incident. After these incidents we have contracted with a reputable website management and security company to prevent any further problems.

January 12, 2021 The website is undergoing unplanned maintenance. Most areas of the website will be unavailable while we rebuild. Our email systems were also impacted. The cause has been identified and prevention measures have been implemented. For more information email The NA Trust administration.

As our emergency form has been unexpectedly taken off of the website we are operating on an email basis. If you have an emergency and need contact information and a guide to communicating with a local social services agency or any of our other services please email

If you were a client working with one of our professionals for any academic, legal, employment assistance, or other services, please email with your name and client reference number (if you know it) and we will put you in touch with your Community Advocate. They will help you resume getting the help you need.