Notice from The Nicholas Alahverdian Center

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Sadly the website of The Nicholas Alahverdian Center was hacked and attacked in early-July 2020. The website was down for about one week. We lost many files and images. This may lead to some areas of the website without images where they would usually be and some pages have been lost and or deleted. Our IT team recovered most of what could be salvaged & that is what we are left with at the moment. We ask for your patience as we work to make the website as good as it was before the attack. We are a part time nongovernmental organization and don’t have the resources to solve this quickly. Please note that we have had the site audited and it poses no risk to your computer.

After reviewing the attack and looking at which areas of the website were targeted the conclusion is that the person(s) attempted to remove materials and text as well as the SEO code which may have been unpopular with some audiences, and this is reflected in the material that was deleted from our website. For years this website has hosted articles about people, agencies, companies, and corporations that are under the radar of journalists and others due to abuse and negligence. We are not deterred by this attack on our website and we will persevere and work to reinstate the material as soon as we can.

Even our internal documents and materials such as draft outreach answers for our company accounts on websites like Quora where the Nicholas Alahverdian Center would advise those seeking help to retain attorneys was deleted. We will have to start from scratch especially on the newer projects we’ve started in the nearly six months that Mr. Alahverdian has been gone.

No matter what we will work to continue the work of the late Mr. Alahverdian and remain vocal advocates for child care improvement across the globe. We will aim to follow the example that he has set which was to never give up or give in until the rights of children in care are protected. Thank you.

DCYF Oversight Commission – Bill H 7639

This resolution, introduced by Representative Ray Hull in honor of the late Nicholas Alahverdian, would create a nine (9) member special legislative emergency oversight commission on the Department of Children, Youth, and Families, and who would report back to the House no later than January 7, 2021, and whose life would expire on March 7, 2021. Track this legislation.

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